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Relationships – Can Someone Project Their Parents Into Other People?

Relationships – Can
Someone Project
Their Parents Into
Other People?

When one considers another person and their experiences, these feelings are not like them Have a great impact.

It is easy for a person to know how and when this person is They spent time with them and did not play any role.

Therefore, there will be an observer in both cases, which means they will not do so If they have a good idea for another person, and they usually meet with them, they can control too much, which is not a problem.

Another scenario

On the other hand, if their attitude towards others is not particularly good and their experience with others will not be better, They cannot turn a blind eye to this person.

If they work with anyone, they will see each of them The days of the week. What happens when they are around this person, and how to treat them when they are away. At least, this person will spend a lot of energy over time

If they consider this person and the experiences they saw when they first contacted them, they will find out.

Their attitudes and experiences towards them are different. Therefore, as time goes by, this is likely to change. Moreover, there may be more people working without problems This guy As a result, these people may wonder why, if they know, no one.

A different experience

However, if they cannot be related to them, they may find that the above situation also occurs in the case of being associated with it. Moreover, it can happen There are more relationships with them.

At the beginning, they may have a vision for people and have some experience with them, and this situation may gradually change over time Thanks to it, it may be It seems that others have completely changed.

The two extremists were originally the second person Before and now, they will Have some experience about this person and being with them, which may be as much as the passage of time It has gradually changed.

Therefore, it seems that another person has completely changed.

Now, even if it can be assumed that they are only observers, not playing roles in what is happening, what if there are other things?

If this relationship with others is just giving back what they need to solve Is it inside

If so it means that they are not just observers of reality. He is both a caretaker and its creator. However, they need to understand what is happening and they will

They need to pay attention to the normal operation of the brain. Back in time Deep inside them, they are more likely to have multiple internal lesions and may cause most, if not all, lesions.

As time goes by, they are more likely to penetrate inside, and multiple internal lesions may appear, and most (if not all) of these lesions may be the result of the first few years.

But as time goes by, this is likely to change Awake people lose contact with most people.

However, these wounds are still a mystery to his conscious mind, and to him, his brain is still a mystery. Just like them, This means that they will play a role in attracted people and let them “see” the people they serve.

Therefore, even if many of these wounds are not related to parents / guardians, they will live with others. for For example, it is not uncommon for parents to have life, but they cannot accept the boundaries without parents. Feeling violated; other people may be angry or have no borders.

The projection will be easy to see because it is bad or negative, but it will be completely missed

Due to the nature of thought and how to avoid suffering, it means that it cannot accomplish what is happening in general. Know directly.

Then, a defense system like defense will let someone know what is going on inside them. But if they are executed or lack awareness, it will not happen.

People must reflect on the fact that they are not observers of their lives, and it reflects what is happening in their conscious and unconscious thoughts.

It may be necessary to do so Some degree of arrogance, or this person may just feel like a victim and blame themselves, or they may become defensive And blame others.


If someone finds that they are asking questions to others and is ready to change their lives, they may need help External support.


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