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Beauty Tips To Remove Black Face And Get Natural Fairness

Beauty Tips To Remove Black Face And Get Natural Fairness

No one in the world wants to wear dark skin but strong works, whether black or white Therefore, God is merciful to subcontinental people. Neither black nor white They are beautiful people of medium and color They can make your color and skin more attractive with a little care.

Women of the subcontinent and their skin color:

If you look closely, subcontinental women are one of the most beautiful women in the world. However, it is important that these women do not have the ability to protect their skin and health If you still belong to the subcontinent and want to make yourself more attractive, pay attention to the daily tips and tricks updated by BeautyTips.

Prescription for making facial complexion look natural and safe

If you want to whiten your face, use Clonji Custom and crush it in milk, then heat it up a bit you can use this fork at any time, but for best results, apply and massage on your face before going to bed at night. Remember to wake up in the morning with high quality soap and no longer use facial cleanser. Using this, you will notice that the color of the face is significantly different.

Radish juice will make you look good

If for some reason you inevitably use this scalp, throw it in radish juice and add salt Even if you use carrot juice, your face will be clean and white.

Carrot can change your fate

You can use carrots to whiten your face The way to use it is to boil carrots in water or steam It will color your face and make it whiter. To be done.

Most women will get acquainted with this monotony. Maybe it’s a beautiful secret for rural women. Girls who don’t use any cream for life are like a 45-year-old 20-year-old girl People see them. If you want to make yourself beautiful and attractive, you can definitely use this technique.

Beautify the face with corn and barley flour

Soak the mixed corn and barley flour in warm water, add lemon juice (half a lemon) and mix in your mouth Hold for a while after touching your face and then rinse with lukewarm water You can do this every day If this is not possible, please perform this procedure at least three days a week Your alphabet appendix will be reliable and interesting.

Everyone’s dream is to look beautiful and have a charming face. We can achieve natural justice and attractive faces through home remedies or natural remedies.

Black faces can cause a lot of social problems in our lives because most people today judge you based on your appearance and facial expressions. If your face is dull, they may oppose you or hate you. Therefore, if your face is black or dull, don’t worry. You can transform a dull look into a beautiful face.

Some of those remedies are given below:

Cut the sugar into pots. Mouthwash every four to five days, then massage the face with a little powdered sugar Focus on blackheads and wash your face. During this time, the face will be brighter.

If your skin is dry, first wipe something on it, then boil it with fresh milk, then leave it on your face for a while, then wash your face with clean water Leaves bright leaves on the skin.

Mix basil, milk powder, turmeric and honey and apply on face for 20 minutes Cleanse soft facial skin and scalp

To rejuvenate oily skin, mix lemon juice and egg whites and apply a mask Apply this mask on your face and let it dry for 20 minutes.

If you want your face to look fresh before attending the event, please mix lemon juice and egg yolk After 20 minutes, rinse your face with clean water After applying this mask the makeup is very good and the face is bright.


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