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14 Things to Easily Lose Weights – Home Ramadies

1. Sleep for at least 7 Hours:

Various studies have repeatedly shown that sleep is a key factor in reducing obesity. Even if you eat well and exercise every day, if you do not sleep every night, your body will not lose weight Sleeping for 4 hours or more at night will increase the production of ghrelin (food cravings) and reduce leptin levels (perfect hormones) In addition, people who sleep for hours will lose a lot of fat without losing “precious” muscles Good sleep will increase metabolism and reduce the production of stress hormones. Therefore, instead of wasting time on Netflix, it is better to sleep on the sidewalk and waste too much time in the battle to disturb the surround sound, which makes it difficult for you to fall asleep peacefully.

2. Drink more than 8 glasses of water get enargy :

This is the easiest thing for healthy skin and weight loss, but few people can use a few glasses of water. What many people don’t know is that drinking water can increase your metabolic energy to a healthy level, thereby helping you burn calories. Water is needed to maintain digestion and remove toxins from the body.

3. Practice Pranayama and kapalbhati :

A recent study found that if someone loses “10 kg” of weight, 8.5 kg of them can be pumped with carbon dioxide through 1 L/kg can only be absorbed into the body through water. You want to know yes, this is how you reduce fat-like carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide is made up of fats, carbohydrates and proteins burned by human cells. This carbon dioxide passes through the blood into the lungs It flows out of the lungs and out of the nostrils. Here, pranayama and physical therapy are important-these two exercises can help you breathe deeply and expel oxygen from the lungs. There is a reason why yoga is so popular in the West-Breathing is an effective way to help reduce stress and breathe excess acid CO2 from the body and reduce fat in the process.

4. Stop dependency on comfort food things :

Comfort food is one of the main reasons for weight loss. People usually return high-fat, high-energy, high-fat foods refreshed daily. Avoid eating food completely to avoid excessive weight.

5. Avoiding From Sugar to Lose Weight :

The sugar you obtain from the large supermarket island is highly purified, and the resulting sugar will damage your body over time. When you reduce sugar from your diet, you will feel that you have more energy to do good deeds. This will give your body a chance to heal and repair the tumor. You know how much sugar you can’t imagine in a day. If you decide to cut off the system in less than 15 days, it will bring a lot of changes to your body. Although the sweetness and sweetness of sugar are different, they have exactly the same effect on the human body. Excess fat can cause unnecessary medical effects, which can lead to headaches, hormonal changes, insulin resistance, diabetes, and most importantly fat storage and obesity. The main benefit of reducing refined sugar is weight loss When a person consumes too much sugar, the body converts the sugar from sugar to fat and saves it for later use By reducing sugar, you can also provide additional fat storage (glucose) and exercise, you can lose weight and achieve your ideal body and weight faster.

6. Chewing food slowly and Enjoying Every Bite things :

When you fast or eat, our brain needs time to prove that it is full and has not received a signal The digestive system is activated in the mouth together with the food in the mouth Eat slowly.

7. Not eating food :

We often buy potato chips or chocolate because we are too tired to be really hungry. A distinction must be made between hunger and loneliness. Eating too much stress can cause you to lose weight and lose your target weight.

8. Keeping trigger foods :

A magical way to avoid overeating is to prevent foods from appearing-if they cannot be identified. There was no processed food on the menu, french fries, noodles, and basic food did not touch the plate.

9. Stop Stress Eating :

Foods high in sugar, sodium, and trans fats can affect the brain. When you eat these foods, your brain gives you the opportunity to translate “good” drugs, such as endorphins and dopamine. Drugs like these can stimulate our vitality. Such food will also produce peak insulin, which allows us to get energy immediately, but due to fatigue and lack of energy, entering the peak insulin will only be vertical. Prepared for diet, junk food releases more dopamine and other health benefits than healthy food. The brain craves this food and may cause malnutrition. When a person eats this food, the “reward” in the brain is ignited and eliminates dopamine and other audible chemicals. This cycle disappears, and people cannot control this situation. In short, people change from eating disorders to feeling better, reducing stress and dealing with painful issues.

10. Indulging in at least one form of exercise :

Decreasing the time by 10 minutes per day is not the cause of your health. A quick 20-minute walk helps increase metabolism and burn more fat.

11. Practice Mindful Eating :

Chewing slowly is part of the spiritual diet because it promotes the enjoyment of every meal and knows how much food you are eating. Avoid trans fats, too much sugar, carbohydrates, and include too many vegetables and whole foods in your diet.

12. Don’t watch TV :

When distracted by watching TV or browsing the phone, it is easy to track how much food you have eaten. Eat food peacefully, as described above, avoid biting and exercising.

13. Lifting Weights :

Aerobic exercise is good for weight loss, which is a myth, but if it is combined with weight loss training, exercise will show good results. Weight lifting after aerobic exercise helps to burn more fat and strengthen muscles.

14. Portion control :

Maintaining a healthy diet throughout the week and not eating pizza and burgers throughout the day will do you no good. Pizza is as good as tea and rice, but it stops within a minute or two. From the record point of view, this is not just cheating-it is worth thinking about. Stage management is an important part, not only for weight loss, but also for health and disease prevention (such as type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart disease) Healthy nutrition programs (such as Rati Beauty) can promote weight loss through proper diet and help regulate physical activity, and behavior changes will not force the body to starve.


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