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10 Must Have Makeup and Skincare Products For Woman

10 Must Have Makeup and Skincare Products For Woman

It is best to update the cosmetics and skincare series every season, because products that work well in the cold winter will melt in the summer. The dark wine-colored lipstick you spread in winter will appear outdoors on wet summer days, because summer is just bright colors, fresh and matte makeup.

It is still a good idea to continue trying colors at this time of year, but it is also important to preserve some protective skin care and make-up products before the summer. In addition, be sure to follow the routine operations of CTM in summer (cleansing, toning and moisturizing) to maintain good skin. Let’s take a look at some cosmetics and skin care products that need to be reserved in summer.

1. Lightweight water-based waterproof liquid foundation:

In winter it may be heavy and completely covered foundation and concealer, while in summer it is wearing light makeup and drawing skin into warm skin. However, the heavy foundation will melt in a few minutes after construction, and you need a good primer to fix it. Choose a light liquid concealer and foundation and wear only the products you need. Another thing to remember is that these products are water-based and waterproof, so they must withstand high temperatures and require additional sun protection, which is ideal, so please look for SPF products. Our suggestions: Mac Pro Longwear Nutrition and Waterproof Foundation, Maybelline Fit May Foundation. This is a list of more waterproof foundations.

2. A lip balm with SPF:

Like the rest of your skin, your lips also need sun protection. Summer can be very harsh and dehydrated, and the effect can be seen on your lips. Even in the hot months, don’t be surprised if your lips are dry and sticky. The best way to solve this problem is to scrub your lips regularly, and use SPF to buy quality lip balm. Our tip: Shebamed Lip Protection SPF 30, Maybelline Baby Lip Balm Pink Bloom Color Lip Gloss SPF 16.

3. A nourishing hair mask:

Make sure not to ignore your hair during the summer. Just like the skin needs protection at this time of year, the hair also needs protection. A deep nourishing hair mask will help you keep your hair hydrated, protect it from sun damage, and help it return to health. You can make oatmeal and milk nutrition masks at home.

4. An effective sunscreen lotion or spray:

Enough sun protection is not only related to SPF. Your sunscreen can definitely provide you with broad-spectrum UV protection. Choose a formula that suits your facial skin (based on your skin problems and preferences) and another that suits your body. The spray bottle is good for the body, but the lotion is ideal for the face. Our advice: La Shield oil-free sunscreen gel SPF 40 PA +++, lotus matte sunscreen.

5. Liquid, cream or cushion cheek products:

As we have already discussed, it is a good idea to increase the color of cosmetics in spring and summer. When it comes to blushes, bronzers and highlighters, it is ideal for avoiding heavy formulas and looking for light, fresh cheek products. If you want to look fresh and natural this summer, the cushioning formula blush and bronze are a good choice. But liquid and cream products also work well at this time of year. Our suggestion: Maybelline check glow blush filled with fresh coral.

6.  A refreshing summer fragrance:

In the warmer months, when you switch cosmetics and skin care products from ingredients that are suitable for winter to ingredients that are more suitable for winter, it is also a good idea to choose a fragrance that suits summer. The light and refreshing fragrance is ideal, and will add a finishing touch to your summer makeup and decoration.

7. Makeup Primer:

Bottom makeup can be used as base makeup before makeup to make makeup smooth and stable for a longer period of time. Especially in wet weather or summer, the primer can bring benefits, and can maintain makeup for a long time. Our advice: L’Oreal Paris basic magic conversion smooth primer, Lacme absolute blur perfect makeup primer

8. Matte Makeup Powder:

Summer can make the skin shiny. Choose a compact powder that can eliminate gloss and stay transparent for a long time. The high-quality matte makeup powder keeps the skin radiant and can set makeup for a long time. Our recommendations: NYX mineral matte powder, LA Girl Pro Face HD matte powder, Mac long-wearing powder, Maybelline Fit makeup powder.

9. Matte Lipstick and Lip Colors:

In summer, gloss and gloss lipsticks are not. We tend to rub our lips with SPF; however, if you are a lipstick lover, you can choose a matte lipstick that has a long-lasting formula and does not need to be reapplied frequently. Our advice: sugar cosmetic meat non-lip balm, LA Colors Matte liquid lip gloss flawless.

10. Highlighter for Sun-Kissed Look:

No matter what season, the highlighter that helps you define your face will never be outdated. In summer, it is best to choose a liquid foundation that highlights the skin without fragrant your skin. Our suggestion: Wet n Wild Megaglo highlight powder is priceless petals.

10 Must Have Makeup and Skincare Products For Woman


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